Annexure -K of EPF

www.hrignite.inAnnexureK of EPF is a document which contains details of EPF account. It is internal document sent between regional EPF offices during transfer of the accounts. It is especially useful during the transfer of EPF from exempted private trusts.

The AnnexureK files uploaded by the Exempted Establishments/ Trusts would be available to field offices under RO/SRO Admin (OTCP) log-in. Please click on DOWNLOAD REQUESTED ANX-K FILES under tab REQUEST ANX-K.

Aiming at expediting transfer of PF accounts of employees joining firms having private PF trusts, the retirement fund body EPFO has decided to make available online ‘AnnexureK‘, a document which contains details of accounts, to new employers

What is the procedure to transfer PF from exempted company to new company as nothing shows up under UAN?

There are two ways you could get your pf amount to be transferred from your previous employer to current employer.

One way you can get it transferred via online which you need to be filled in your joining organization where you need to mention the pf account number and the last day in your previous organization after that you can submit the form but for this procedure to take place the organization which you are going to join should have access/eligibility for the online pf transfer even though if it does not work then we can approach the second way which is the offline submission.

On the day you join your new organization you need to fill form 13 which nothing but request to transfer your pf account from previous employer to the current employer and part of form 13 you need to provide your pf details such as pf account number, previous organization details and the address of your previous organization and the relieving date etc,once the submission of form 13 is done you need to submit form 11 which indicates that you have joined a new firm which obeys the 1952 pf act and it also contains the same stuff as of form 13.

Process_Annexure K

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