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Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment is defined as the process of identifying and making the potential candidates to apply for the jobs. Selection is defined as the process of choosing the right candidates for the vacant positions.The recruitment and selection process is one of the most important aspects of running new and established businesses alike. The right employees can take your business to new heights. The wrong ones can hurt business by missing sales, turning customers off and creating a toxic workplace environment. Follow experts’ advice on each step of the recruitment and selection process to put together a team that fits with and enhances your business culture, goals and objectives. Recruitment is called as a positive process with its approach of attracting as many candidates as possible for the vacant jobs. Selection is called as a negative process with its elimination or rejection of as many candidates as possible for identifying the right candidate for the position.

The purpose of selection is to choose the most suitable candidate, who can meet the requirements of the jobs in an organization, who will be a successful applicant. For meeting the goals of the organization, it is important to evaluate various attributes of each candidate such as their qualifications, skills, experiences, overall attitude, etc. In this process, the most suitable candidate is picked after the elimination of the candidates, who are not suitable for the vacant job.

The organization has to follow a proper selection process or procedure, as a huge amount of money is spent for hiring a right candidate for a position. If a selection is wrong, then the cost incurred in induction and training the wrong candidate will be a huge loss to the employer in terms of money, effort, and also time. Hence, selection is very important and the process should be perfect for the betterment of the organization.



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