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HR Polices

HR Policies are formal rules and procedures that dictate how certain matters should be addressed in the workplace including employee rights and duties. HR Policies are tied to employment law. To avoid non compliance and penalties from the government, employer must adhere to HR policies. A good HR policy provides generalised guidance on the approach adopted by the organisation, and therefore its employees, concerning various aspects of employment. A procedure spells out precisely what action should be taken in line with the policies. The establishment of policies can help an organisation demonstrate, both internally and externally, that it meets requirements for diversity, ethics and training as well as its commitments in relation to regulation and corporate governance of its employees. For example, in order to dismiss an employee in accordance with employment law requirements, among other considerations, it will normally be necessary to meet provisions within employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements. The establishment of an HR Policy which sets out obligations, standards of behaviour, and documents disciplinary procedures, is now the standard approach to meeting these obligations. HR policies provide frameworks within which consistent decisions are made and promote equity in the way in which people are treated. Human resource management consists of deliberate organisational activities designed to improve employee productivity and administration through such means as recruitment, compensation, performance, evaluation, training, record keeping and compliance. In developing HR Policies, there should be clear and consistent statement of the organisation’s policies regarding all conditions of employment and procedures for their equal and fair implementation.



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