The Factories Act 1948-

  • Objective:
  • The main object of the Factories Act, 1948 is to regulate working conditions in manufacturing concern
  • to ensure adequate safety measures and to promote the health and welfare of the workers employed in factories.
  • The Act also makes provisions regarding employment of women and young persons (including children and adolescents), annual leave with wages etc…
  • HR IgniteDuties of occupier:
  • every occupier shall ensure as far as possible health, safety and welfare of workers while they are working in a factory
  • The provision and maintenance of plant and system of work in the factory that are safe and without risk to health
  • The arrangement in the factory for insuring safety and absence of heath
  • The provision of such information, instruction & Training and supervision as are necessary to ensure the health & safety of all workers at work place
  • Maintenance of all places of work
  • Monitoring of such working environment
  • Health Facilities and Convenience:
  • Factory should be kept clean
  • There should be arrangement to dispose of wastes and effluents
  • Ventilation should be adequate
  • Reasonable temperature
  • Dust, fumes should be controlled below permission limits
  • Overcrowding should be avoided.
  • Adequate lighting, drinking water, toilets & spittoons should be provided
  • Safety officer, if 1000 or more workers are employed
  • Full time welfare officer, if 500 or more workers are employed
  • Ambulance room, if 500 or more workers are employed
  • Canteen, if 250 or more workers are employed
  • Rest room, if 150 or more workers are employed
  • Crèches, if 30 or more women are employed
  • www.hrignite.inWorking Hours for Adult Workers:
  • www.hrignite.in
  • Maintenance of registers:
  • Muster Roll (Form 25)
  • Register of adult workers (Form 12)
  • Register of leave with wages (Form 15)
  • Register of Accident (Form 26)
  • Overtime exemption register (Form 10)
  • Health register (Form 17)
  • Annual return (Form 21)
  • Half yearly return (Form 22)

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