New option in UAN member portal was introduced. Now EPF members can update their Date of Exit in PF without help of employer after 2 months of leaving their job.

Please note that the DOE entered by you ll be displayed to the employer and in case you are still in employment than at the time of filing of the remittances for a period after the DOE will be shown to the employer(ECR Module)
-DOE can be the month for which the last contribution has been received. in case the employer has defaulted in payment and your DOE is a later date than you have to approach the employer for updating of date
-The date entered is non editable and in case you have entered a wrong date erroneously than it can be corrected only by the concerned field office of EPFO on the basis of a written request of the employer to the office.the DOE however,cannot be edited after the settlement has been taken
-In case you have entered the DOE and withdrawn the amount,than the service length under the scheme(s)will lapse.

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