Certification Course on Apprentice Act

Advisory To follow the Apprentice Act,1961 Under section 8 and rule 7(a)

  • Under Section 8 of the Apprentices Act, 1961, there are provisions for a number of apprentices for a designated trade and optional trade wherein it is mentioned that the Central Government shall prescribe the number of apprentices to be engaged by the employer for designated trade and optional trade and several employers may join together either themselves or through an agency, approved by the Apprenticeship Adviser, according to the guidelines issued from time to time by the Central Government in this behalf, for the purpose of providing apprenticeship training to the apprentices under them.
  • Rule 7A of the Apprenticeship Rules, 1992 provides the provisions for regulation of optional trade (other than designated trade under the Apprentices Act 1961) and Rule 7B of the said rules provides the provisions for a number of apprentices for designated and optional trade wherein it is mentioned that each establishment shall engage apprentices in a band of 2.5 percent to 10 percent of the total strength of the establishment including contractual staffs.
  • National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) is a new scheme of the Government of India launched on 19th August 2016 to promote apprenticeship.
  • The main objective of the scheme is to promote apprenticeship training and to increase the engagement of apprentices. Apprenticeship Training consists of Basic Training and On-the-Job Training or Practical Training at the workplace in the industry.
  • The candidates can be first trained on the requirements to gain awareness on the nature of the job role and then on the shop floor. This program is bound to enhance the probability of employment as the candidate will acquire the skill set required for e job role during the apprenticeship period by gaining valuable practical experience. Under NAPS, the industry can get various benefits including funds for basic training to candidates and monthly reimbursement of a portion of the stipend.

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