Paternity Leave Benefit in India

The Proposition of the Paternity Benefit Bill in 2017

  • Three years ago in 2017, After the Maternity Benefit Amendment Act happened, there was a replacement bill proposed, called The Paternity Benefit Bill.
  • This new bill states that each one workers, both in unorganized and personal sectors, should get paternity leave of fifteen days which is additionally extendable up to 3 months.one among the foremost important features is that it emphasized the equal parental benefits for mothers and fathers.
  • “Child care is that the joint responsibility of both parents. they need to devote time to the new-born to make sure its proper well-being”
  • Paternity Benefit Bill, 2017
  • After the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act of 2017 was introduced, Rajeev Satav wished to guard the paternity rights of working fathers. a number of the most important aspects mentioned within the bill are:
  • Applicability, Payment, Working Duration, Duration of Leave, Parental Benefit Scheme, Parental Scheme Benefit Fund, Advance payment of Salary, no dismissal, Inspecting Officer, Bon-fulfillment of Benefit, Miscarriage, and Adoption.

Paternity Leave in Government Sector Employees

www.hrignite.inFor employees working within the government sector, there are some benefits of paternity leaves. The Central Government in 1999, under Central Civil Services (Leave) Rule 551 (A), introduced the subsequent provisions for paternity leave:
-for a male Central Government employee with but two surviving children
-for a period of 15 days to require care of his wife and child.
-possibility to avail the leave 15 days before, or within 6 months from the birth of the kid.
-If such leave isn’t availed, it’ll be treated as invalid.
-a leave salary adequate to the pay before the leave are going to be paid.

www.hrignite.inPaternity Leave privately Schools

In 2009, a personal school teacher Chander Mohan Jain moved to the supreme court of latest Delhi and challenged the rejection of his paternity leave application, also because the deduction of his salary by N K Bagrodia Public School

  • He took a leave to require care of his wife, and their new born baby.
  • Despite the shortage of legislation, New Delhi \supreme court said all male employees of unaided and recognized private schools have the proper to paternity leave.
  • The court instructed the varsity to refund the quantity to the teacher.

Paternity Leave Privately Sector Employees

  • Paternity leave is sanctioned for the govt employees, but there’s no law that mandates private sectors when it involves paternity leave.
  • Therefore, it’s hospitable interpretation by the individual companies themselves

Some of the most important companies took their own steps towards paternity leave through HR policies.

• Microsoft offers 12 weeks
• Facebook is within the lead with 17 weeks
• Starbucks allows 12 weeks
• TCS gives 15 days
• while Deloitte gives their employees 16 weeks of paternity leave

Paternity Leaves in UNICEF

  • UNICEF wont to have four weeks of paid paternity leaves to the male employees but has since extended it to sixteen weeks worldwide. because of their modernized approach
  • UNICEF is that the first United Nations Agency to increase it to quite four weeks. This step gave the time to fathers and their children to spend together.
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