• ILC at the 15th session passed resolution for norms in fixation of minimum
  • Family comprising 3 consumption units (Worker 1 unit, wife.0.8 unit 2 children 1.2 unit)
  • Minimum food requirement based on intake calories recommended by Dr. Aykroyd.
  • 2700 calories: – 14 Oz cereals, 3 Oz Pulses, 10 Oz Vegetables, 2 Oz Milk, 2 Oz Sugar, 2 Oz Oil and ghee, 2 Oz fruits, 2 Oz fish and meat and 1 Oz eggs.
  • Clothing: – 72 Yards per family per annum.
  • Housing Rent: – Rent for minimum area under Govt. Industrial Housing Scheme.
  • Fuel lighting and others: – 20% of minimum wages
  • “Children education, medical requirement, minimum recreation including festivals/ ceremonies and provision for old age, marriage etc. should further constitute 25% of the total minimum wage.” as per the judgment of the Supreme Court of India in 1991 in the case of Reptakos Brett and Co. Vs. its workmen.

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