Duties of employer For Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Duties of Employer For Prevention of Sexual Harassment

In addition to requiring an employer to set up an IC and ensure redressal of grievances of workplace harassment in a time-bound manner, the POSH Act casts certain other obligations upon an employer which includes

  • Promoting a gender-sensitive workplace and removing the underlying factors that contribute towards creating a hostile working environment against women;
  • Provide a safe working environment;

  • Formulate and widely disseminate an internal policy or charter or resolution or declaration for prohibition, prevention, and Redressal of sexual harassment at the workplace;
  • Display conspicuously at the workplace, the penal consequences of indulging in acts that may constitute sexual harassment, and the composition of the IC;
  • Declare the names and contact details of all members of the IC;
  • Organize workshops and awareness programs at regular intervals for sensitizing employees on the issues and implications of workplace sexual harassment and organize orientation programs for members of the IC;
  • Provide necessary facilities to the IC for dealing with the complaint and conducting an inquiry;
  • Cause to initiate action, under the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (“IPC”) or any other law in force, against the perpetrator, or if the aggrieved woman so desires, where the perpetrator is not an employee, in the workplace at which the incident of sexual harassment took place;
  • Provide assistance to the aggrieved woman if she so chooses to file a complaint in relation to the offense under the IPC or any other law for the time being in force;
  • Treat sexual harassment as misconduct under the service rules and initiate action for misconduct;
  • Prepare an annual report with details on the number of cases filed and their disposal and submit the same to the District Officer;
  • Monitor the timely submission of reports by the IC.

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